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The Fashion, Aesthetics, and Design of Science Fiction

Look back in analog

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The Fashion, Aesthetics, and Design of Sci Fi

Look back in analog

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When I was in the 4th grade I checked this book out of the library for an entire year. I tried to keep it when the school year ended , then the school sent a letter to my parents. I tried to hide the book in the woods to keep it but My father found the letter and confronted me after dinner one night. This book had a huge impact on me at that age. I drew just about everything in it many time and in variations. I loved the actuated arms covered on black acordian latex and radar dishes for heads. Now thanks to a random Ebay search I have it again ;)

Its interesting to see how people thought the future would look. How come no-one saw the internet coming ?????

Much bigger pics and clunky robots inside...

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